90's TV Commercials Which Takes Us Back To Our Childhood

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  Nostalgia   90's TV Commercials Which Takes Us Back To Our Childhood

90's TV Commercials Which Takes Us Back To Our Childhood

Back in the 90s, more than watching program, children looked forward to the advertisements that came as fillers. Taking you down the memory lane, here are some iconic Indian ads that defined the 90's for every Indian kid.
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90's TV Commercials
  90's TV Commercials

Growing up in the 90s, we never realized it, but we were seeing the golden age of advertising on television. More than two decades ago, ad agencies unarguably made the most relatable and catchiest clips. In fact, sometimes, they were better than the shows we were meaning to watch. Heart-warming storylines, delightful jingles and memorable characters - these ads were pretty much a celebration of life.

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Just like us, if you also grew in this time, we're sure you still hum some of those jingles every once in a while. If not, this article will ensure you do!

#1 Amul: This advertisement did something our moms couldn't for the longest time. It convinced us to drink milk!

#2 Action Shoes: Remember that kiddo with curly hair singing "School time, oh ho ho school time"? Remember when we were excited about the first day of school because it meant new shoes, new clothes, and new books?

#3 Dhara Cooking Oil: It didn't have an important life lesson to teach us, Ramu kaka and little Bubloo sure warmed our hearts. Oh, and the jalebis.

#4 Fevicol : 10 brownie points for guessing who the man in this ad is. Hint: It's Aamir Khan's favourite film director.

#5 Lifebuoy : This commercial did convince you to use the icky red soap, because "Lifebuoy hai jahan, tandurusti hai wahan".

#6 Classic Toothbrushes: There's no one who can make a toothbrush look so fascinating! Oh, and that catchy tune focusing on a colorful range of toothbrushes.

#7 Sundrop Oil: Raise your hands if you feel Sundrop cheated you too! It secretly told us that we'll somersault like the child in the video, but, we, on the other hand, couldn't get out of our beds after eating those oily gulab jamuns, puris, and other food items.

#9 Complan: After Amul, if there was anyone who could make milk look tempting, it had to be Ayesha Takia and Shahid Kapoor as kids in the old Complan ad.

#9 Fevi Kwik: Talk about thinking outside the box. Instant glue was unheard of back in 1998 and Fevi kwik found a really memorable way to introduce it to us.

#10 Cadbury Dairy Milk: Oh, those happy faces! Today, when you watch this video, it'll make you wonder where all that happiness and innocence went.


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