• Raabta Movie Review

    Raabta Movie Review

    A cliched romantic comedy (tries really hard to be one in some scenes) with a copied reincarnation formula gone terribly wrong.

  • Dear Maya Movie Review

    Dear Maya Movie Review

    A feel good film about finding love at unexpected times, but the execution makes it a boring mess.

  • Sarkar 3 Movie Review

    Sarkar 3 Movie Review

    Looks like RGV needs to take a sanyaas from direction and focus full time on being a successful Twitter troll.

  • Naam Shabana Movie Review

    Naam Shabana Movie Review

    Liked the 2015 action thriller 'Baby'? Then this spin-off is surely gonna be your cup of tea albeit not as tasty

  • Anaarkali Of Aarah Movie Review

    Anaarkali Of Aarah Movie Review

    A dancer/singer who refuses to give into a powerful man's desire and lust for her. When she is abused while performing, she revolts and the story of right and wrong starts. Read our review of Anaarkali of Aarah.

  • Rangoon Movie Review

    Rangoon Movie Review

    Kangana trying to strike a conversation with a Japanese soldier despite the language barrier and a scene where she talks about love desire and heartbreak are the 2 iconic moments from Rangoon.

  • Dear Zindagi Movie Review

    Dear Zindagi Movie Review

    Have you ever taken a therapy or have been facing a monotonous life? Go get a pack of free life lessons!

  • Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

    Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

    Poor CGI, painfully awkward and pointless scenes make it a dumb and unbearable watch. Watch it only if you are a hardcore Jackie Chan fan.

  • Dangal Movie Review

    Dangal Movie Review

    An excellent movie with brilliant direction and a beautiful story-telling, especially when the subject is connected to by our love, action and comedy loving movie goers.