Dangal Movie Review

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Dangal Movie Review

An excellent movie with brilliant direction and a beautiful story-telling, especially when the subject is connected to by our love, action and comedy loving movie goers.
Dec 25, 2016, 12:54 pm ISTReviewsJhakaasMovies Staff
Rating: 5/5

At no-point you feel bored because of missing love story and/or hit/foot-tapping songs. The story is spun well without losing the message that needs to be passed on something that Amir Khan is famous to do so as in likes of Rang de basanti and 3 idiots although this topic was difficult!

Showing a man wanting to see his own dream in his child to become a successful wrestler and get a gold for country in an international event. And so, the want of a male child to fulfill his dreams.

Four girls with no boy child leaving a man feeling his dreams crushed, and then a single event that changes his views and the following events and challenges to get his girls to the wrestling arena, with ups and downs nicely unwrapped.

Some important turn of events:

  • Man not able to continue his sports career and take up a job for money.
  • Shattering of dreams with no male child to make his dreams come true
  • Father realising his girl child too can make it happen.
  • People shaming him for putting his girls through this.
  • Girls not realising the benefits of what their father is doing
  • Change of mind in the girls and respect of father
  • Success to an athlete but now questioning the training and teaching of orthodox father and revolting.
  • Again realisation after defeats and back to the father's way and so success.

And change of events along with the ups and downs keeps the audience engaged till the end. Although, everyone knows what happens at the end as this is not an untold story still they are kept engaged nicely.

Well I was happy to stand twice for the national anthem as I watched this in the theater in Delhi (especially) as previously not all the theaters played the national anthem at the start of the movie. But here there was a bonus at the end during the medal ceremony the national anthem tune played. I almost knew what was going to happen so was ready and stood immediately others hesitate but followed me. Though a written message to respect the anthem before playing it on screen would have been much helpful. Can't help it, we stand every time no matter we are.

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