The Conjuring 3: Werewolf Case of 1987?

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  News   The Conjuring 3: Werewolf Case of 1987?

The Conjuring 3: Werewolf Case of 1987?

Director James Wan explores the possibility of a third installment of The Conjuring series based on the case files of Ed & Lorraine Warren.
Aug 4, 2016, 2:17 pm ISTNewsJhakaasMovies Staff

After the success of The Conjuring 2, we all have high expectations from director James Wan's next movie. If everything goes well, then his next directorial venture will be titled The Conjuring 3 and it would be set in the 80s and cover one of the cases from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Possible Werewolf Theme:

The Conjuring 3 could continue with the English theme from the second installment and it may explore a Werewolf case from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. In 1987, a man named William Ramsay attacked several police officers in London. He kept growling and even bit them. He was reported to have animal like strength and showed a wold like behavior. William was admitted to a mental hospital for diagnosis but he was found to be free of any mental illness. After his release from the hospital, Ed and Lorraine Warren offered their help.

William was with six bodyguards when he flew to Connecticut for an exorcism to be performed. It was reported that William howled and his hands and feet became that of a wolf during the exorcism, but made a full recovery afterwards.

If James Wan picks up this case, then The Conjuring 3 would be drastically different from the first 2 movies.



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