Best of Bollywood Horror

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Best of Bollywood Horror

Respective to their birth & death, Indian Ghost & Exorcism masters are clichéd & incongruous. Lack of innovation by the makers makes all horror movies like a world of clones.
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Best Bollywood Horror Movies
  Best Bollywood Horror Movies

Horror has been an ignored genre in Bollywood, however there are some filmmakers who have been bringing horror movies to us time ad again. We bring to you the best horror movies in Bollywood.

Haunted 3D

 Haunted 3D is about a lecher music composer turned teacher (Arif Zakaria) who accidentally gets killed by his alluring student, played by Tia Bajpai, while trying to molest her. Since he couldn't satisfy his lust when he was alive, his soul hover to attain that carnal human need even after his death and that makes Tia kill herself. This horny soul of Zakaria remains on a very high vigor and continues to assault sexually on Tia's soul every night in her splendid but sequestered Mansion. Mimoh, unaware of the fact,  buys the mansion, Tia communicates with him, Mimoh goes back in time and helps free Tia's soul from this horny Zakaria. 

Fear in 3D with India's first stereoscopic horror movie. Haunted 3D is one of the finest horror movies made in Bollywood. An interesting plot, lots of scary moments, great background music, beautiful songs and good acting makes it a must watch.


Set at the backdrops of 1920, the story revolves around a married couple (Arjun & Lisa) living in a haunted house.  Lisa is possessed by a demon and the fun begins. One of the Vikram Bhatt's best work, 1920 is one of the scariest Indian horror flicks. Cinematographer Pravin Bhatt makes the movie look beautiful all throughout.  Background score is very enthralling, Adah Sharma's acting as a victimized girl steals the show with her performance. The climax is awesome and has enough scary scenes to make this one of the best Bollywood horror movies.


Sharma Family relocates to a house that is haunted. Revathi, the daughter of Sharma family gets possessed by an evil spirit. Strange things then start occurring. According to IMDB, Raat was the first Indian movie where sound was recorded Live instead of being recorded in a studio. Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, Raaz was released in 1992 and got critical acclaim back then as also box office success. Revathi doesn't fail to scare you with her acting when possessed. Om Puri's performance as an exorcist is impeccable. He breathes in more life to the climax.  Overall Raat is a must watch for all horror genre lovers.

Honorable mentions

Darna Mana Hai & Darna Zaroori Hai
Jaani Dushman
Purani Haveli, Purana Mandir, Saamri, Veerana & Bandh Darwaza


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